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We also visited in Dordogne the amazing pre-historic cave paintings dating back 20,000 years ago found in Lascaux in 1940. And what's even more amazing for me is how the authorities closed the caves in 1963 because the carbon dioxide emitted by visitors threatened to damage the paintings with calcification and molds. So, to preserve the original paintings, they built a replica (with concrete, not sensitive limestone as the original) a few meters away (called "Lascaux 2"), replicating 90% of the cave drawings including exact methods and color pigments most likely used by the Cro-Magnon artists. Today, no one is allowed in the original cave anymore to preserve its integrity. (Photo credit to @historicalhoney, as taking photos in Lascaux 2 is prohibited) #Dordogne #FrenchLife #FilipinainFrance #BonWeekend #Lascaux #PostcardsfromPerigord
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